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Describe Your Favorite TV Program Cue Card is a topic for IELTS Speaking. Describe Your Favorite TV Program Cue Card consists three model answers on the topic have been given below. The four main points-Which program it is, What is the program all about, How often do you watch it and explain why it is your favorite TV program.

This IELTS test is 10-15 minutes long, and the candidate is evaluated on their speaking skills, vocabulary, and grammar. The IELTS speaking test comprises a one-on-one interview of the candidate with an IELTS examiner. Describe Your Favorite TV Program Cue Card requires candidates to describe their favorite tv program. Candidates can further enhance their speaking skills by going through IELTS speaking practice papers available on the website.

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Topic: Describe Your Favorite TV Program

You should say:

  • Which program it is?
  • What is the program all about?
  • How often do you watch it?
  • and explain why it is your favorite TV program.

Model Answer 1

Which program it is?

Many individuals all throughout the world have found amusement in television shows. It delivers the latest world news into our living room. I constantly watch a variety of TV series when I have the time. My favorite genre is crime fiction. My favorite is CID, a good crime thriller program.

Model Answer 2

Which program it is?

Although I don’t watch TV very much, I am aware that it is a fantastic technology and mass medium for both amusement and education. I occasionally watch TV, primarily in my free time, and Discovery Channel is my favourite channel out of all of them. I always change the channel to the news channel or the Discovery channel whenever I have the TV remote in my hand. I used to watch this channel more frequently than any other channel. I often watch it for four to eight hours a week on alternate days. If I sit in front of the TV during my vacation, I watch the educational and entertainment shows that this channel broadcasts.

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Model Answer 3

Which program it is?

TV is a popular form of entertainment and relaxation today. These days, TV shows offer both entertaining and informative programming. People think that without entertainment, their lives are pointless. Various shows are broadcast on various TV stations. I frequently watch Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah with my family.

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